Learn and Implement the ULTIMATE Trust Formula
Learn and Implement the ULTIMATE Trust Formula
How to create influence and income for
Natural Health Practitioners who HATE Selling
We Help You Implement Proven Persuasion Strategies To Maximize Influence and Make More Sales
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We are not a "coaching" program that will have you memorizing scripts or using outdated tactics.
We understand the current buying behaviors. But we also know exactly how your buyer's brain is wired to make decisions

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Increase Your CONVERSIONS and Revenue
with PROVEN Strategies That Work!

NOBODY is teaching persuasion strategies like this!
Influence Your Clients to Get Massive Results! 

You will go from A-Z with Dr Dan and leave no stone unturned when it comes to conversions and revenue.
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It's Time To Increase Your Trust and Influence!

Build Trust Quickly

Convert without Confrontation

It's ALL about the BRAIN...

Learn and Apply the TRUST FORMULA
  • Are you struggling to convert leads from your Facebook ads?
  • ​Do you often hear "I can't afford it" or "I need to go home and think about it"?
  • ​Are many of your prospects focused only on their insurance coverage? 
  • ​​Are you stressed out and losing your passion for practice because of low new patient numbers and more skeptical leads who want immediate relief? 
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93% of your communication is nonverbal. 7% of your influence is with your words.
Maximize Your Effectiveness without Words!
Dr. Dan has not only utilized these principles, science, and strategies…. he has created a systematized process that will streamline your Report of Findings, Sales Cycle, and/or Conversion Process that will Convert Even the Most Challenging Patient, Potential Client or Customer. 

Your buyers behavior has changed but their brain has not! Learn and implement the Trust Formula. That will safe guard you from bad google and facebook reviews while insuring great conversion percentages.

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Communicate to the "Decision-Making" part of your prospect's brain
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